Accelerate your time to market & minimize costs with expert MVP development

We maximize your ROI with agile MVP development services, including result-oriented consulting on how and when to pivot according to the product response.

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The success of your product starts with a great MVP.

Planning to build a digital product? Think about how to address your future users’ needs and predict potential risks early. A fully functional minimum viable product or MVP can help you learn how and if your app’s core idea serves real users, get valuable feedback and solidify your business strategy. 

Validate your idea and technical feasibility with MVP development

Building a minimum viable product (MVP) before committing to the full scope of your project can have a number of benefits:


Quickly deliver value to end-users

Avail the opportunity to gather feedback while minimizing development costs.


MVP makes it easy to pivot or make changes

Easily shift your focus and change app’s core features without incurring high costs.


Get users’ feedback with early testing

Use MVP to test in early phases and devise strategies to gain and expand your user base.


Gain support for project funding

Have a working model of your idea to gain funding via investors or crowdfunding.


Kashat | Nano-lending MVP development offering small loans to micro-business owners

Kashat is the first Nano lending mobile application in Egypt, offering short term loans. They needed an outsourced software development team to develop the app and ensure tech alignment with business needs.

Through mobile development and product design, VentureDive helped the company grow and boost its bottom line.

Build a working, lightweight, and lean MVP

Benefit from our range of services and expertise designed to meet you at any and every stage of your MVP development journey. We work together with you from beginning to end to validate your idea, design flawless screens, and sew them together to deliver a fully functional prototype that gives you a snapshot of how your actual product would look like. 


Discovery workshop

Work with our experts to validate your idea within 2 to 4 days and build impactful products.


Product design

Transform your ideas into tangible products that meet the needs of users, market & your business.


Software development

Build meaningful products using different technology stacks for web, mobile, cloud, DevOps and more.


Quality assurance

Take high-quality products and services to market with our top-notch quality assurance and control.


Support services

Leverage our support services during or even after our engagement to get product info, help or insights.


Managed services

After you successfully launch your product, hire dedicated resources to ensure efficient service delivery.


We follow battle-tested methodologies to create an MVP

Develop a web or mobile MVP with rock-solid technology stacks and specialized experts who will help you through each stage of the process.

From ideation to design, development and testing, our experts will guide you about the best possible options depending on your target market, user base, and project budget and requirements.

Market research

Create a product that’s a market fit & meets the users’ needs through in-depth surveys & research.

Value addition

Decide what value does your product offer to users, how it benefits them & why would they buy it.

Prioritise features

Choose the most essential features you want in the beta version of your product & map out user flows.

Launch your Minimum Viable Product

Build an engaging and easy to use MVP that includes the main features & meets the users’ and market needs.

Measure and learn

Test the MVP with real users and incorporate their feedback to develop a high-quality product.

The minimum viable product (MVP) is simply a tool to help you build a sustainable business with minimum effort. One thing that differentiates the MVP from the traditional development process is the time. The traditional process usually takes months, if not years, of idea incubation, reaching for product perfection before you ship.


Unfortunately this could lead to developing a product nobody wants. Also, a development process that takes years to perfect can be costly, without any type of learning process involved. MVP’s goal is to start that learning process early and often and never really end it.


The important thing to remember about the MVP is that it is not just about solving product design issues or answering technical questions. What MVP is really doing is allowing you to test your basic business hypothesis. In other words, a minimum viable product is simply the smallest batch that will teach you something.

Looking at the technical aspects of building MVPs, there isn’t much of a difference, aside from the obvious – the choice of technology. However, because an MVP is meant to be a fast and easy first step towards further development, it’s best to know which market and platform you want to explore first. Otherwise, you risk splitting your focus.


Launching a web MVP may, in some cases, be faster because there are no certification and acceptance procedures to go through. What is interesting, is that industry giants such as Facebook and Airbnb started out with web apps, and expanded with mobile versions later down the line. 


However, if most of your market is mobile, a web MVP won’t serve your purpose because your users are elsewhere. Remember also, that the mobile market is split between two major platforms, Android and iOS. If you want to enter both, you might need a technology that facilitates multi-platform development (e.g. Flutter or React Native).

It is a very common misconception that MVP development only works with startups and fledgling companies. Nothing is further from the truth, though. The truth is that MVP is a great option for all: starting from startup to large corporations.


Whenever you are developing new products or new features for an existing product, you should always have a viable MVP program in place. This could start by releasing a basic version of a new product developed for selected groups of users to test. 


Then you can get their feedback, and incorporate it in later versions to make your product experience more intuitive and user friendly.

 We have a wealth of talent within our organization just waiting to help you innovate to deliver successful products and services. When working with VentureDive, you don’t get just a few best-matched resources for your project. You get the knowledge and skills of over 300 experts, accumulated over the course of 8 years. The best part? We’re a remote-first company! This means that you can be confident that we have the high-quality skills, processes, and experience necessary to deliver your business goals completely remotely.


Munchies | MVP development for instant delivery of snacks to your doorstep

VentureDive & Unilever brainstormed the idea for a digital platform for instant snacks’ delivery. Munchies’ hyperlocal model gives it the agility to deliver within minutes.

We started off with a product design sprint, which led to MVP design and development, followed by and growth hacking for Munchies.

Munchies case study - VentureDive

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