Launch online medicine delivery for your pharmacy

Grow your business with a fully white-label medicine ordering and delivery software for medical stores, pharmaceutical wholesalers & marketplaces, hospitals, and more. Track delivery agents and manage orders with ease with an end-to-end platform. 


Enabling all pharmacy business models


Single medical stores


Aggregators & marketplaces










Build your own medicine delivery app

Get essential drugs and medical supplies straight to your customers’ doorsteps with a suite of apps tailored for online medicine delivery businesses like yours.

Simple Patient app for ordering & tracking medicines online

Enable your customers to easily upload new or refill prescriptions, search drugs & their info, track orders, make in-app payments, manage their profiles, and receive customized alerts & notifications. 

Movanos Pharmacy Delivery Solution: Patient App
Movanos Pharmacy Delivery Solution: Pharmacist App

Feature-packed Pharmacist app for efficient customer services

Empower pharmacy store managers or pharmacists to manage orders and inventory, oversee business information, track payments and receipts, view customer information, and receive order notifications in real-time, all within a single app.  

User-friendly Delivery Agent app for effective order fulfillment

Allow delivery agents to view their earnings, accept/reject orders, and keep a track of order fulfillment statuses with real-time order requests, proof of delivery, route optimization, and task alerts and reminders. 

Movanos Pharmacy Delivery Solution: Delivery Agent App
Movanos Pharmacy Delivery Solution: Admin & Operations Portal

Robust Admin & Operations portal for seamless business management

As a pharmacy business owner, get detailed insight into total orders & inventory, manage your store/outlet with a powerful interface, oversee offers, discounts, payments & commissions, and exploit data & business intelligence to remain lean, surpass targets & lower costs.


ePharma: Online marketplace to connect pharmacies and suppliers

E-pharma is online B2B medicine and medical equipment selling platform that connects pharmacies with suppliers by hosting them on a single platform. Pharmacies are able to view a catalog of 1000+ products, make bulk purchases, pay online within the app, and more.

We created an online web portal, an admin and operations portal, and a supplier portal for them using Movanos pharmacy delivery solution so stakeholders can view product catalog, upload inventory and manage the business seamlessly.


Enable your online pharmacy business to stand out

Our industry-leading product has all features you would need to run an online medicine delivery service for your pharmacy or medical store business.

Multi-language support

Transact in multiple languages easily and serve people with varied language choices.

Nearby pharmacy locator

Use a map to help customers locate a store closest to them and serve them everywhere.

Fully customizable

The solution has the flexibility to customize according to the special needs of every client.

Find substitutes

Find alternatives or cheaper options to the medicines prescribed.

Medicine reminders

Get detailed reminders on the time, type, and dose of medicine to be taken.

Consult an expert

When required, help patients book and contact consultants for better, accurate judgments.

Launch your online e-pharmacy app within 3 weeks!

With Movanos Delivery, you can start selling and delivering orders online in as little as 3 weeks! 


Beat the competition by offering an effortless on-demand medicine delivery experience


Improved customer retention

Customers can avoid the wait time to fill a prescription and because of the convenience, they will continually choose your pharmacy over one that does not deliver.


Efficient utilization of resources

Reduce overhead costs with extended hours for customers to fill their prescriptions through mobile ordering and after-hours delivery.


Easier to scale your business online

It is far easier and far less costly to scale online than to set up new outlets. Get more out of your existing pharmacy outlets by offering on-demand delivery.


Offer value beyond medications

From mere selling of Rx and OTC products, online pharmacy businesses have evolved to provide complete healthcare solutions.


Medz N more: E-commerce & delivery management solution for an e-pharmacy

Medz N more is a digital healthcare startup, an e-pharmacy, dedicated to improving people’s access to healthcare by blending technology and innovation to solve problems associated with modern-day pharmacies.

They use Movanos delivery management solution to manage and track orders and deliveries easily. Their customers can choose from hundreds of medicines, wellness products, and medical devices listed on the website. The users can also upload prescriptions and consult certified pharmacists through the app. Along with the availability of promos and discounts, users can schedule a delivery or place an ad hoc order as per their convenience, as well as, track the drivers during the journey.

medz n more - delivery management movanos client








Trusted by global innovators for on-demand solutions

The ownership, agility and technical know-how shown by the guys and gals at VentureDive not only helped us launch our product in record time, but it also felt like having our own engineering crew sitting with us in Dubai!

Magnus Olsson, Co-founder Careem - delivery management client

Magnus Olsson

VentureDive’s past and present experience with other on-demand delivery startups is something that helps them stand out. Their team is organized and attentive, successfully managing projects to meet deadlines.

Zohair Dangra, Operations lead, Unilever - delivery management client

Zohair Dangra
Operations Lead,
Unilever Munchies

We are very pleased with the positive business results that have come due to the effectiveness of the Munchies app. Transparent and dedicated, the team maintained direct and open lines of communication between all stakeholders.

Amir Paracha

Amir Paracha
VP Customer Development,
Unilever Munchies

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