Kickstart online delivery for your food or restaurant business

Whether you’re a single restaurant, a famous restaurant chain, or an aggregated food marketplace, we can help you grow your business with fully white-label food ordering and delivery software. Track delivery agents and manage orders with ease with an end-to-end platform. 


Stay ahead of the curve with a quick-service online food delivery experience


Improved customer retention

Customers can avoid the long wait times to fulfil their instant food or snack cravings, so they will continually choose your brand over one that does not deliver.


Scale better with an online business

It is far easier & far less costly to scale online than to set up new outlets. Get more out of your existing food or restaurant outlets by offering on-demand delivery.


Boost customer loyalty

Drive more orders and customer loyalty by regularly running promotional campaigns, discount offers, vouchers and coupons.


Create your online restaurant and food delivery business

Enable your customers to order food & snacks online, and deliver straight to their doorsteps with the right technology to optimize and expand a food business.

Intuitive Customer App for ordering & tracking food online

Enable your customers to easily browse through different restaurant outlets and food items, track orders, connect with delivery agents, make in-app payments, manage their profiles, and receive customized alerts & notifications. 

Feature-packed Business Manager app for efficient customer services

Empower restaurant or food business managers to manage orders, oversee business information, track payments and receipts, view customer information, and receive order notifications in real-time, all within a single app.  

User-friendly Delivery Agent app for effective order fulfillment

Allow delivery agents to view their earnings, accept/reject orders, and keep a track of order fulfillment statuses with real-time order requests, proof of delivery, route optimization, and task alerts and reminders. 

Robust Admin & Operations portal for seamless business management

As an owner, manage your food business with a powerful interface, gain insight into performance analytics & customer reviews, oversee offers, discounts, payments & commissions, and exploit data & BI to drive sales & growth.

Munchies case study - VentureDive


Munchies: An instant solution for your snack cravings

Munchies, a joint venture between Unilever and VentureDive, is an instant delivery platform. It enables users to instantly place and track their orders in real-time.

We developed a mobile application (an MVP) that catered to the consumer end, using the Movanos food delivery platform. The client’s challenge was to deliver ice cream and other snack items within 10 minutes. Through route optimization, customized algorithms and geo-fencing techniques, we enabled Unilever to achieve the least possible delivery times.

Launch your online food delivery app within 3 weeks!


Make your online food business stand out

Movanos delivery management software is a branded online ordering system that has all the features you would need to run your online food business. 

Optimized routes

Easily navigate to multiple destinations and ensure on-time deliveries.

Nearby restaurant locator

Use a map to help customers locate a restaurant closest to them & serve them everywhere.

Proof of delivery

Allow your agents to scan barcodes, add notes, images and collect digital signatures.


Increase operational efficiency, and elevate safety & security by creating multiple geofences.

Behaviour monitoring

From idling vehicle time to rash driving, monitor delivery agents’ driving behavior in real-time.

Find substitutes

Find alternatives or cheaper options to your favorite food items or restaurants.


Transact in multiple languages easily and serve people with varied language choices.

Smart analytics

Access information & tracking summary for past 90 days, along with comprehensive reports.


Stay ahead of the competition & earn customer loyalty with Movanos









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