Improving lives with smarter digital healthcare 

From improving quality of care to boosting efficiencies of services, we help your healthcare organization embrace technology to save lives.

The digital economy has changed the way patients & healthcare providers should connect

Whether your focus is cloud, EHRs, machine learning, AI, digital engagement (mobile, IoT) or cybersecurity, VentureDive can help implement innovative technology to drive down costs, improve operational efficiency and create elevated experiences for your patients and clinicians.


Reducing neonatal mortality rate with robust technology built on top of OpenSRP

Vital Pakistan is dedicated to reducing the neonatal mortality rate in impoverished peri-urban communities through an integrated service delivery model that captures the actual impact backed by first hand-collected datasets.

Building on top of OpenSRP, we created an android tablet app to enable real-time data collection, to ensure the traceability of neonatal cases. We updated obsolete technology,  improved the OpenSource code, and enhanced the UI and features of the existing Vital app. 


Powering healthcare IT across multiple domains

Build mobile apps to support health-care professionals in their daily activities of monitoring patients, caring for them, and documenting their health progress.

  • Medical decision-making applications
  • Drug information applications
  • Patient-centered applications
Health app

Allow health care professionals and patients to conveniently access, easily update, and securely share a patient’s medical information electronically. HIE helps care providers:

  • Reduce medication and medical errors
  • Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and handling
  • Eliminate redundant/unnecessary testing;
  • Improve public health reporting and monitoring
  • Engage healthcare consumers regarding their own personal health information
Tracking health through app

Enable long-distance and remote clinical health care, education for patients and healthcare professionals, and administration of health or medicines. Our healthcare IT experts have experience with building solutions for all kinds of telehealth:

  • Store-and-forward
  • Remote monitoring
  • Real-time interaction
long distance and remote clinical health care

Apply Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Deep Learning in medical imaging like X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, etc. so you can provide personalized care:

  • Improve productivity of clinical workflows utilizing imaging
  • Speed up reading, interpreting & reporting in medical imaging analysis
  • Accelerate clinical decision making, and streamline workflows, to improve patient experience and outcomes
X-rays, CT scans, MRIs

Develop solutions to offer people health-related services on smartphones, tablets, smart watch and other communication devices. Some of the most popular wellness apps include:

  • Sports and fitness activity tracking
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Weight loss coaching
  • Sleep cycle analysis
  • Mental health & meditation
  • Pregnancy & menstrual period tracking
health related services on smartphones

Benefits of outsourcing healthcare IT development
& management to VentureDive

From digital transformation with our enterprise mobility solutions, to innovation and experimentation with new technologies like crowdsourcing, we help augment your overall business workflow. We aim to improve the interaction between you and your customers & employees to promote better governance.


We understand compliance

Healthcare is a very sensitive & compliance driven industry. Due to our unique mix of industry and technical knowledge we deliver products that are functional, secure and compliant. We align our services with strict compliance requirements (e.g., HIPAA).


We have industry experience

We have experience working with government healthcare departments as well as private companies. While you focus on providing patients with a better quality of life, we ensure that the technology you rely on is securely managed. Our experts will help you stay ahead of the curve.


We know the challenges you face

We understand the healthcare IT challenges you face in the ever-changing technological landscape. Our healthcare IT experts offer a well-rounded suite of tech & design services to provide you with a seamless technology experience, pushing your organization ahead of the competition.

Droobi Health case study


Digital health therapeutics solution to prevent and manage diabetes

Droobi Health is the leading digital therapeutic solution for chronic disease and wellness in Qatar and the MENA region.

VentureDive designed and developed a robust digital solution which is integrated with Apple healthkit, J&J one touch glucometer along with chat and video chat features. Due to app usage, patients reported an average weight loss of 2.7 kg and a 76% reduction in their A1C levels, indicating significantly improved health.

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