by Atif Azimon November 12, 2013

We finally launched our new website! Since a website is the face of an organization, we wanted to make sure that it is reflective of our values and culture: excellence, creativity, and outside the box thinking.

It’s no surprise then that all members of the team had an opinion, and a strong one at that too, on apparently mundane things such as fonts, choice of image and even URL names. But such attention to detail is what sets VentureDive apart, and with Shahzad as the creative force behind the website, we are excited about what we have put out.

As we launch our website and our blog, I thought it fitting to have our first blog post talk about VentureDive and why we feel the world should stand up and take notice of us.

VentureDive was started by a few of us who first got to know each other in the hallowed halls of Stanford University. After graduation, we parted ways pursuing our dreams and building our own companies in different parts of the world. Sometime in late 2011, sitting in my lounge while probably under the influence of Diet Coke and Cheetos, we decided to join forces and form the next big thing to come out of Karachi. Hence, VentureDive was conceived!

VentureDive was not going to be just another technology company though. After much thought and deliberation, we agreed that the three things we wanted people to associate with VentureDive are:

  • Ambitious – Most people think we are crazy, however we would like to think our ourselves as a driven bunch, passionate in our belief of building stuff that will positively affect the lives of hundreds of million people around the globe.
  • Product Excellence – We want to develop products and solutions that users recognize as best in class. Pure and simple.  Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Focus on Employees – Without a doubt our greatest asset is our team. We believe in empowering our employees and making them partners in our success. And with everything else we do we want to make sure we have fun while doing so.

In a relatively short period of time, and keeping these guiding principles in mind, we have already launched a number of products and solutions that are being used by millions of people.  However this is the start of hopefully many more great things to come out of VentureDive. So stay tuned as we post regular update on our progress.

I forgot to mention that another thing we do well is listen; so go through our website and provide us with your feedback.

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